Direct Drive Servo Brushless Cutting Machine RCS Series

1. Energy saving

Big torque servo motor driven directly using miniature blade, no reduction drive mechanism, high EER (energy efficiency ratio), no-load power consumption of only 3.5W, comprehensive energy saving more than 80{dd70bc0888569f9a1e2496779804472a89df716578e6b8ac98d2e5ea8a198d09}.

2. Environmental protection

Low noise (below 60 dB), with no transmission oil cause the pollution of cutting materials

3. Safety

Big torque servo motor as power system using micro, no carbon brush spark, can be used in the naked light limitation place, eliminate fire hazards.

4. Light

The weight is 1.1KGS, 60{dd70bc0888569f9a1e2496779804472a89df716578e6b8ac98d2e5ea8a198d09}lighter than the traditional model of machine, small volume by 50{dd70bc0888569f9a1e2496779804472a89df716578e6b8ac98d2e5ea8a198d09}.

5. Durable

The use of advanced servo motor as power system without carbon brush and electromagnetic radiation interference, direct drive gear transmission, the life of the machine increased substantially.

6. Humanized design

Uses the structure of human body engineering design concept, humanized design, embedded software of intelligent controller and speed regulation, the constant torque running at, tailoring to force, environmental protection and energy saving LED lighting device.


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