Energy Saving Brushless Industrial Sewing Machine Servo Motor TS500 (500W,only 220V)

TS500 motor produces almost no noise, saves energy (60-80{dd70bc0888569f9a1e2496779804472a89df716578e6b8ac98d2e5ea8a198d09}) and is brushless, speed djustable and durable. It provides a high starting torque even at low speed or from a complete stop. By using a modern technologically advanced microprocessor,Hall sensor and Pulse-Width Modulation technology,the motor can be set to rotate at different maximum speeds, in either normal or reverse directions, and can start with different accelerating speeds. It will stop automatically with any interruption such as in-line voltage, electrical surge, radio frequency interference or overloading. It is fully protected by the software and will give error messages indicating which problem is encountered. It even works well in environments with an unstable electrical power supply.

Supplied with:
1. Instruction manual / parts list
2. Mounting hardware
3. Pulley cover (belt guard)
4. 45-90mm pulley
5. Push-button on/off wire harness

1. Motor rotating direction setting
2. Slow starting speed
3. Maximum speed setting

220V Singe Phase
2.Cycles: 50/60
3.Variable Speed to 4500 RPM
4.Power: Up to 500W

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